Taj Cycle Company was started in 1927, by Late S.M Ismail .We are the pioneers in cycles business in Mangalore. During that period Ralleigh, Rudge, robin hood bicycles were imported from Britain.

Golden age of bicycling was during the 1920s when there was no competition from autos because there weren't any autos. Then, like today, recreational use of bicycles was of major significance. Since bicycles were expensive during the "golden age" most working people couldn't afford them. But they dropped in price so that a worker earning could perhaps afford a bicycle.


Under the able leadership of Mr. S.M. Muthalib ( Proprietor), Taj Cycle Company has become one of the leading wholesaler and retailer of Cycles in Mangalore. With more than 4 decades of experience in Cycle Business, he is very reliable and forward thinking leader with excellent leadership skills.

Today Taj Cycle Company owns three branches in and around Mangalore. Under his guidelines and management, the entire Cycle divisions operates and supplies to many cities and districts of Karnataka.

About Taj

As a long established Taj Cycle Company has access to many manufacturers and due to mass network and selling capacity Taj Cycle Company can offer many products and designs at a very reasonable price.

Taj Cycle Company operate in D.K, Udupi, Kasargod, Uttar Kannada and Coorg districts hence making us one among the best network reach in terms of serving our wholesale customers. We are the distributor and Dealers for leading Indian and International brands for bicycles , Fitness Equipments , Infant products , Tricycles , Cycle Spares and Accessories.

Founder Shop

Our founder shop was opened in the year 1927 at Maidan Road, Mangalore. Vision to provide best services and working hard for providing best imported cycles to customers helped us to achieve many milestone during those days.

In 1920s when most people couldn't afford automobiles and it would seem to be an ideal opportunity to introduce bicycle transport to the multitudes that couldn't afford autos.

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